Saturday, April 25, 2009

Prank-A-Tour '09!

Yesterday was fantastic - the kind of day that makes my upcoming graduation bittersweet.  I was up early for a run around campus, when I ran into a friend up near Festival.  She pulled me a side and asked in a whisper, "are you a student ambassador?"
I said no and she pulled me aside to let me know that Prank-A-Tour was happening in just a few hours and they needed help!  I was super excited, especially having seen the 2005 version on YouTube freshman year.  I ran home as fast as I could, changed and went back to campus to meet up with the group, who have been planning this for months.
For those of you who don't know, Prank-A-Tour is a JMU tradition, that happens once every 2 years.  A tour is picked to be pranked, and from start to finish they encounter some very odd things spread out over campus.  The entire thing is filmed and edited together before being premiered on campus the following year.
After about an hour of discussing where each act was going to be performed, and learning the order our group would be going, we split up and took our positions.  My first station was inside Showker, where 7 other girls and I sat on the floor scrubbing it with paper towels singing "Hard Knock Life".  
Next we ran to get ahead of the group and pretended to be drunk and passed out on the duke dog statue.

After the group had passed by, they witnessed Miss Piggy and a princess fighting over Kermit the Frog.  
Next, we ran to TDU, where we had a pool party on the pool tables....(clever, right?)  Following our pool party, we then went to the Burruss Fountain, where we climbed in and splashed around, which was great on a day where it was about 90 degrees and sunny :)  

As we were walking to meet the group at the JMaddy statue, we saw a large group of our fellow prankers dressed in full, head to toe animal costumes, 'worshipping' and cardboard cut-out of Obama.  We thought it would be hysterical if we ran by and stole the I did it, and it was one of the funniest things that happened the whole tour :)  Next, we dressed Obama in a Purple Out shirt.

   When we had him dressed, we propped him up next to the JMaddy statue and hid in the bushes to wait for the tour to end.  When they arrived at the statue, we told them they'd been pranked, and the history of the Prank-A-Tour.  The visitors loved it!  
It was so much fun to be a part of tradition like that, and I can't wait to see the video when it is all put together.  You can find 2005's on YouTube, if you search JMU Prank-A-Tour.  
As much as I had planned to get some work done yesterday, there are just somethings you have to be apart of - and this was one of them.  I'm going to live up these next two weeks - particularly now that I have come to realize who my real friends are, and we have so much fun together :)  Speaking of which - we're off to hike on yet another beautiful day!


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