Friday, July 1, 2011

Raw Speed

Thursday night=Kevin. Or as he so rightly called it, coming to see Dr. Feel Good. LOL. After the workout week I’d had, I was looking forward to last night’s appointment with the self-titled Dr. Feel Good. It was supposed to be the start of a new session, so I was expecting a base run. Well when no new people showed up, it was decided we should do a short temp run. And not just any tempo run. We were going to supplement with 4 x 100 yard wind sprints. Yikes. I wasn’t quite mentally prepared for that.

I planned to not go out at 100% since I’d already done so much this week. I took the first half of the tempo easy-ish and pushed it a little more towards the end. So not quite a tempo but not really a base run either.

Then, the wind sprints. I haven’t done anything like these since sprinting down the vault runway, but that’s exactly how they felt (but a little more out of control). That’s exactly the kind of workout I live for. It’s a chance to prove that I have some serious raw speed, and it was a huge boost to my confidence to hear people say it. That Thursday night group has some seriously fast runners. It’s been great because it keeps that competitive fire burning. But every so often its great to get a little confidence boost.

Today’s an off day and I feel like I’ve earned this one. It’s a great feeling. Now if only I could fall asleep…..

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