Monday, July 4, 2011

Teal There's a Cure 5K

I’ve been back from Israel and back to running for just about a month, so when Tracey asked if I wanted to run a 5k on the 4th, I figured it would be a good checkpoint to see how much more work I have to do. I’m definitely not back to my pre-Israel, pre-swollen foot speed, but it was good to get a reality check. I still have lots of work to do and I need to remember not to sprint out at the gun. Anyway it was a beautiful day and the race was for a great cause so I'm really glad I did it.

I finished in 23:39, about a minute and a half slower than the Race for the Cure in May. I was 4th in my age group (out of 52), 7th woman (out of 317) and 34th overall (out of 479!). The course was hillier than the Race for the Cure and it was a lot hotter, I think that could account for a few seconds slow down, but not a whole 90 seconds.

I was initially a little disappointed, but I’m over it now and glad I know what I need to work on. I probably won’t have time to run another 5k before the triathlon, so I’m going to have to base my goals for the run portion of that race on where I am now. I’m not ready to set an official goal for that run course yet, but at least it’s going to be flat!

Tomorrow’s my appointment with the tri coach at the Y, so I’m super excited to get a plan and set some goals.

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